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{note} I tried posting this in a different section, but it wasnt spacific enough so i picked one at random {/note}


anyways my problem is that I have a complete lack of privacy, I have my computer set up in the dining room because there is no room anywere else, how do I get more privacy? me and my brother have bunk beds and I feel like I just need my space. My mom is a little to over-protective, I can't even just go out for a walk around the block when I feel like it. The only time I really ever get out is when school starts or if me and mom go to the store or something. And it feels like every time I do something different I get ridiculed to absalutely no end. If I want to watch dragon ball z {just a show I started watching} my brother {who is 16} will come up and just laugh at me, and my mom doesnt know I like to watch that show, but I know she would probly try not to make fun of it in front of me but I know she would eventualy. I cant hang up any pictures outside of science posters or posters from a couple of my games If I wanted to hang a poster of an attractive woman on my side of the room, I would be made fun of especaily by my mom, my cousin has posters in his room, and she will always make fun of him with me while I just kind of sit there and nod my head. even just posting here would do it, I have to wait till they are out of the room so that I can post this and my room is practicly on display, I have my little area marked off but everyone can just look in and see me. How do I get my mom and brother to leave me alone so I can just be me? thanx everybody.

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Okay, what your mother says shouldn't bother you. ALL mothers pick on there sons or family members she is just teasin.. After a while she will stop just show her it doesn't bother you.. As for your privacy issue with your brother don't worry I shared a room with my brother for 10 years. It's okay it will end soon I promise..

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Wasup Virus !


I can tell you that it sux. My mom never made fun of me and you mom seems to be develish forward you. I dont know why but thats not right. If you like to hang a poster that you like or a band, thats your choise [unless its porn or gore pics]


If its not secret , how old are you.


I agree that computer in the middle of attention is annoying. Many times I watch porn over the internet and my mom comes I say "Please , I'm busy, dont you see !" My mom leaves me becasue she has nothing to say to me.


How your mom is making fun of you?


Just make fun of her too. Put a poster of a dead body or gore poster. And I want her too make fun of you then !!! She would ask "WHAT DA HELL IS THIS ?????"


And you would answer - "I like it , you have problem with that ? Go make fun of someone else !"


A little harsh , but try to do something like that...

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Last post was a little long I'm making it a little shorter {or trying to anyways}


it is no big secret I am 14 and have a B-day soon. and no, the picture I mean {if I would be allowed to have one} would be something like an attractive woman in a bakini {I'm sure lots of guys my age have them} my mom makes fun of me like if I were to watch a cartoon that she didnt think was very good, she would make fun of the cartoon and the fact that I would watch it until I eventualy changed the channel.


I wish making fun of her would work but it is a little more complex than that, I don't think she realizes how mean what she does is but if I said anything {like I sometimes do} I think she would just ridicule me more because she knows it earitates me.

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You know your mum would ridicule you because she knows it would irritate you she is doing it because she is frightened that her child is growing up and becoming a man.


Now I know you won't see it that way, but believe me at the back of her mind she will be thinking "my baby isn't a baby anymore, he's a man and I am going to lose him"...A lot of mothers get to a stage when their children get to about 11-13 and start moving away from the protection of their mums and reach out into the world with their own hands and feet and this is scary for a mum that has had to think of you 24-7 14years...it really is.


Put up your posters and ask your mum for some time to use the computer on your own, be it just for an hour a day...and if she makes fun of you, just remember that she is covering up her real feelings of fear...


I don't know if you are touchy with your mum but if you are and she starts to make fun, just go up to her and give her a hug, tell her you love her and no matter how old you are you will always love her. If you are not that type of family, don't laugh at her or throw a tantrum if she ridicules you...you sit her down and tell her you are growing up...you know that you are not a man yet but you are getting there and that she needs to give you your space to become a proper man...doing this calmy and maturely will shock your mum and she may still laugh at you, but she will think this over and over and will come round.



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you make it sound so easy, there are a few other factors though. But I know she is thinking this but she wont let me go, and she has no guy to help her through it, which just makes her try to hang on more and more. I have tried to ask her to just stay away, she acts like I'm going to look up porn {and so what if I did?} but she keeps falling back on the same argument "the living room is public property we cant just stay out of that part of the house because you want us to." its not like I hate my mom, that is not the case at all she just wont let me do a lot of things I dont think are unreasonable, she wouldnt even let me buy that kind of picture {w\ my own money of course} when she does laugh or have fun at me I try just not to give any responce at all {probly not the best way to deal with it}, but she does sometimes lure me into it. I'm a fairly distant person, have been for quite a while, which is why I do understand that my mom would try to hold on longer.



I am usualy in a dignified position and fairly responsable. But I have been hurt through-out my life {could tell storys but I won't} this has caused me to be very detached from the family, don't get me wrong I will still give her hugs when it seems normal to. I feel as though it is hopeless, sometimes I just want to give up and call it quits, bend to her every demand, but I know I cant do that it seems I can stay were I am at but I cant progress any further. and the way my brother joins in just doesnt make it seem worth trying, I feel like every day is a battle just to try to get what I had yesterday.


I need to know what to say to my mom to kind of gradualy work things through, I mean I cant {well I could LoL} go from being who I am to hanging up erotic posters. I need to know what steps I should take to kind of

de-sensitize her to me becoming grown up.

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