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Not sure how to handle this!


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Ok, I'll make this as short as possible...


Biological father not in life. I got close with my grandfather and had intended for him to come live with me. Even bought a home with an apartment for him. My bio-father shows up after 11 years of not seeing him and has talked my grandfather into moving up with him. I am angry, because I am the only family member that has given him the help that he has needed and now I'm shut out.


My grandfather has told me of some things that he would like me to have but now I don't know if I will ever see them. These people are not worried about him they are worried about his money.


What can I do to protect my grandfather. He will be 6 hours away from me and I won't ever hear if something happens to him. This is terrifying to me. What do I do? How do I protect him and how do I protect myself legally so I don't get what is rightfully mine taken away?




Panicking in Texas ](*,)

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I take it your grandfather is your bio-dad's father. If your grandfather is compos mentis i.e. considered legally capable of making his own decisions, then I doubt that you can do anything. He would be free to give or leave his money and possessions to whomever he wished.

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