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Just a little background info, my sister is 25 years old. She had a drug addiction, and supposedly she isnt addicted anymore, (althought once an addict always an addict) she confessed over this past weekend that she has done cocaine 2-3 times over the past five months. Well 2 weeks ago she finally got her job back at the place she was working at for 4 years, prior to the drug use. My sister, called me at work on Friday at about 4:15 PM stating that she walked out of work, and didnt show back up. Well again she got fired. Well she basically stated that she needed help.


So i told her OK I would handle it. Well I work for a non profit organization that offers drug rehabs. Well I called and they told me I needed to get 5 blood tests done for her, to be admitted. Well my sister agreed to go to rehab. Well I call a friend of mine, and asked him if he could help me get a loan, to catch up her car payment, and pay for the rehab. He stated yes I can. Well its now Monday and havent heard from him. (Some friend right)


Well basically I get to my mothers house on Friday night, at about 10 pm. We ended up having a down out, drag out screaming match. I told her, I wanted her cell phone, and her car. She refused. She wouldnt stop screaming, and yelling. So I got so angry I pushed her. I pushed my own sister, How could i do that? Why couldnt I control my anger. Why couldnt I control myself. Well I realized it in myself, that I might need counseling for myself. Anger issues seem to run high in my family. Well later on that night I we finally got her phone, after her throwing it up against a wall, and then the floor, and my mother had a spare key. Then my mother started yelling at my, that I wasnt helping. So I told her I was sick of everything, and to basically F Off, and she started crying more, and so did I. and We kinda made up. But my own mother wouldnt even hug me.


I honestly feel like I did more damage then help the situation. I let my anger get the best of me, I let my better judgement go out the door, with the wind. Honestly how freaking mean could I be. blah enough about me, Sorry just alot of feeling in one.


Basically over the weekend it got more civil, My sister claims that she is just depressed, and needs counseling. So She agreed to go to that. And that she would have a job by Friday, if not I get her phone, and her car. And they all go back. My mothers credit ruined, and she is out of the picture. My mother has a negative attitude towards my sister, she is upset with her, because she is so irresponsible, and act like the world owes her something.


My sisters attitude, that she is "give me this, give me that" Like when I took her cell phone, her screamins "Its my cell phone, give it back" Her flipping me off. Me telling her she screws up again, I will jsut disconnect the thing.


Honestly how can one person act so irate? I am not just speaking of my sister, I am speaking of myself. I abused my sister, and didnt help the situation. How do you help over come that situation, when your own sister doesnt trust you not to push her again??


How can my sister, grow up without losing everything? How can this change?


She just needs to grow up. I have a few people telling me, she is just going to hit rock bottom again. Which honestly i could see that happening, blah.


Does someone have any advice.


Again thanks for reading my rant. I do appreicate it. Sorry if my attitude doesnt seem happy. But I am at the end of the rope to where I dont care if she lives or dies at this point, because I am still angry. How can you dislike someone so much? But still love them?


This honestly would be a good episode for Jerry Springer!

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Hmm perhaps you need to show some tough love...seems you are compromising with her and she thinks she can get away with murder...just tell her look "if you don't do it my way (rehab counselling etc.) I won't pay for your phone, car or give u any money...but if you follow my advice I'll help you the best way I can"


I'm not an expert on drug addicts but I don't think they have sound judgement or can keep promises...hope this helps

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Dont beat yourself up too much about losing your temper. You have been holding it in and you finally exploded.


You are actually doing the right thing, and if she does continue this behavior she very well should lose the car and whatever else is legally not in her name.


Thanks, and it is now 3 PM in GA, and she hasnt gotten up! "she has a headache" she has one because she sleeps too much!!


Blah whatever if she isnt up by the time I get off work, then I am cutting off her phone!!!

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