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The Essence Of You

Ms. Babydoll

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After ten whole days without you

I finally saw you again

And how happy it made me

To see you again


As you walked towards me

My heart skipped a beat

Looking at your shaggy hair

Your blue eyes scanning me

Your tall body feeling overpowering

As you stepped closer


I felt the need to kiss you then my darling

But I held it back

The shock of being without you

For so long

Was finally taking its toll


I had to capture this moment


Capturing it in my mind

Your beauty

Leaving me feeling high



Later as you kissed me

I felt so alive

The taste of your lips

Like candy, ever so sweet


Your fingers touching my skin

Penetrating through me

The tingle of your touch

Sending thrills through my spine


I surround myself around you

Inhaling the comforting smell of you

Exhaling with a wonderous sigh

Oh my love

How you set me alight

Free to fly


Not leaving without a goodbye kiss

That last kiss is what I hold onto

For hours after

As my lips are plump from yours

And my jacket smells like you

And my skin still tingles from your touch


How happy

You make me feel

My love, mi amour

How I love you so

And all your beauty

The essense of you


*devoted to my wonderful, breathtaking boyfriend, one more week and it's our 6 month anniversary!!*

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