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I don't know why this is so hard for me?


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Talk to her and get to know her. I have a habit of touching people when I talk to them and need to break myself of it. I am a tactile person and some people have a problem with that.



Damn, this brings up a painful memory. There was this lady (the ONLY woman who ever showed any interest in me) who used to touch me and compliment me every day even when I looked like a raggedy drunk just out of bed. I was SOOOO clueless, I thought she was just being nice! Wisdom dawned on me just recently. I wonder where she is now...


Hey littleman I would offer you advice if I was in a position to give it . If you do hug her, let us know how you did it and how it went.

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start a convosation with her get really deep into it (make shore you know shes intrested) then crack a little joke or a funny line or sumthing then move a bit closer if her face goes from a laugh to a really serious face suddenly YOUR IN! kiss her then ask her out a while after dun n dusted

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