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How to show your interested?


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Today i went for registration of my 2nd year at University and i finally got to meet the new students joining the course, it was a 2 males and 3 females. The girls seemed to be very nice and a couple in particular (caught my eye ), from previous experience i have made friends with girls and it gets to the point where i've become to much of a friend for them to consider me as datable material in their eyes.


I was wondering what to do as i don't want this to happen again (or the chance's that i have now anyway) to only be seen as a friend by girls. I wonder if im too much of a nice guy, i would like to show that im interested, but i don't know how? i feel like such a novice and it is annoying. I try to be alot of the time myself, funny, nice... hoping that they might take notice but majority of the time i get no-where. Am i doing something wrong?


Can anyone offer any advice in regards to this matter please

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I think you want to be friends first, the best relationships come from friendships!!! I suspect you are waiting to long to make your first move. Any interest a gal has in you fades when you show no interest. If after a few encounters one of these women interests you, invite her for coffee, a movie, dessert, freesbe in the park. Make it clear that you want to get to know her better on a one-on-one level. And if she feels that she only sees you as a friend, take it as a compliment and see if she has any single friends! *wink*

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Your probably right when you said that i wait too long to ask or do anything it's just that i don't know when... to be honest i could do with someone behind me poking me with a stick telling me to do something about it now but unfortunately i can't have that lol. Is it a good idea to get a friend's (who's a girl) opinion on this matter, maybe she could shed some light on understanding the opposite sex. I'e only met them once today so i need to get more closer too them and go from there but still im confused on what to do, do i approach her when she's by herself which ever girls seems to spark my interest that is i mean.


Again all this makes me feel like a novice, then again i probably am. Then again i don't know if any of them are involved with anyone which again raises the question how do i find out without making it too obvious ... why are these things so complicated lol, didn't realises these sorta things need such advanced planning

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How you show your interested is like you become friends with the girl your interested in but the catch is you act like a potential boyfriend while being a friend at the same time, instead of becoming a friend and putting the potential boyfriend feelings out there later on...most guys do that, its the wrong way to go and then the common situation happens where your buddies with the girl, and she won't wanna go out with you cuz you blew your chance. It's hard to explain the friends category thing.


For example, when you get to know them, be a friend and small talk like you would any other girl, then throw in a compliment that's sincere or something that would display that you want to be her friend but your interested. That way by throwing in this "monkey wrench" in that friends category stuff women like to put guys they meet for the first time they meet them, you increase the chances of you having a shot with going out with her.


good luck

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When your talking to one of the girls try your best to not make yourself look like a novice. You want to give them the impression that your interested but still cool and laid back at the same time. You don't want to be too pushy right away asking if they are single, that subject will come up in time. Just smile at them and try to make some good small talk, who knows they might just throw out their phone numbers to ya.

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Thanks for the suggestions and advice, im will be myself around them im just afraid that im so blind due to my kindness that im going to miss the part where i could have made something of where i was but unfortunately i passed miles/months ago lol. But that's all i can really be is myself i suppose and hope that they like the me. There are 3 of us that are 2nd years and 5 that have joined this year and so far i've the only person of the 2nd years that has initiated any form of contact with the new students, so hopefully that's will keep me in good sted. I some friends saying that i will know the time to ask a girl to do something but unfortunately i always miss it due to my lack of compitence and being completely oblivious to the opposite sex but as always i suppose i have to try too suceed... just wish it were easier


Appearance's are important, any do's or don't when trying to attract a potential date? as im starting on Monday and would like too get their attention... and im not going to go in wearing a suit or anything like that lol so... yeah just some general tips if anyone has and thanks again for those that have given advice

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Personally, yeah, I prefer them to be a friend first although I seem to go for the older/more aloof guy quite a lot too...

My advice is to start talking to her, show her that you're interested in what she has to say. Maybe lean into her a little, this always boosts someone's confidence. Mostly it's better not to seem too interested in a girl that you like, as most of us will freak out! But when I say that, I don't mean ignore her - that also spells complete doom. Just, as you're passing, say hi and smile, and ask her how she is.

Mostly the guys I go for aren't the most physically attractive ones, although that does really help For me, it's their charm and their interest in me and their friendship - which you seem to have no problem with.

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The issue with the girls that are on my course is that its a University course but it's based in a college outside the Univesity itself... so whilst im at home their at the university during days off and weekends and im not. During that time they might find somone else and if someone more attracitve and better appears then my chances are pretty shot to bits but i suppose i'll have too try to find out.


Im thinking about the negative aspects of everything which isn't good i know but i can't help it, i'm just trying to make myself appeal more too them to increase my chances of them being interested but i don't know how other than being myself and that hasn't go me anywhere so far and it only leads to me being annoyed... is it supposed to be this difficult?

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