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this base on really person


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this base on a girl i met .. and it all real

i have part 1 if you guy like this i put out part 1..

ur feed back will be great to hAVE


marine girl part2


my mirine girl

you have been miss out of the this world

i havent heard from you in months.

i start to think the worst

i watch the news but yet i put on it on mute

just case they call your name thier was nothing for me to conclude

you are combat soldier

you are an unlitmate warrior

most of all you are a surviver

you beat odds and you made it on top

you contiune your duty with out even thinking of stop

they try to shoot you down but u keep your head low down to ground..

you got hit twice but you still mange to strive..

pretector of the weak, you hang on with every breath of your live

but it not time for for you to leave this life

you have to come back to me ,to be my beautifull wife

but for now you still on your duty and i am on mines

but my mirine girl just never forget

i am by your side

fighting every battle ,

winning every war..

even in the silent of night

i be your shining star..

so now carry on knowing that not only am by your side

but i have feeling for you

that i cant no longer hide.

marine girl

marine girl

wipe those tears from eyes.

contiune to show them how much of a marine you really are..

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