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Even many herbal supplements can be a risk for those whom are hormone sensitive (ie have risk of breast cancer due to genetics) so you have to be careful.


My mum is going through "chemopause" which is menopause brought on by chemo, and yes, it does suck!


Best things to do if she does not want to take anything is to eat healthy and avoid preservatives, too much salt, fat, caffeine and sugar (which can intensify some of effects) and really exercise and just get through it.....you do get through it (and the length varies).

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Check online for Naturopathic treatments. I also heard Soy is supposed to help. Many herbs and minerals can counteract the varying symptoms of menopause.


Soy is not considered very good with a high risk of breast cancers - it has a natural estrogen in it that for women with estrogen receptive cancer cells (that lead to cancer growth) can be risky. Some soy is okay of course, but you have to be careful there.


There are many other herbal supplements (note I am NOT against herbal supplements at all, I use them) that are for menopause also warn against those with hormone sensitivity do NOT use them as they do mimic or spur on creation of hormones.

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Yes.. go to your health food store. There are a number of vitamin suppliments that may help her. The trick is .. finding the right combination. BLACK COHASH .. is excellent for hotflashes.


She needs to get plenty of rest, proper nutrients and exercise.

Cut back on the caffiene.. cut it out totally if she can and stay away from Chocolate and carbohydrates. She'll crave sweets, only to indulge and then it will run havoc with her system.


There is tonz of info on the net for Peri-menopause and Menopause. The struggle is Peri-menopause.. this is the time that the hormones are most out of wack. Menopause is when things get stablized..and she hasn't gotten a period in over a year.


Go to your local bookstore.. library etc. a lot of litterature on the topic. Look it up on the net. And go to your local heatlh food store.


OHHHHHH.. and switching to SOY MILK and TOFU help with Estrogen replacement. BIG TIME !!!

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I can understand how your mom feels. I am 48 years old and going through all of the perimenopausal symptoms. It can truly be a nightmare at times. I too have rejected using any medications, supplements or HRT to get through this. I just didn't want to take the risk.


I agree with RayKay in that eating healthy, excercising and trying to reduce as much stress as possible will help her get through this. Even if she can just talk to others that are feeling the same things she is going through will help. At least it does help me to talk to others and find out each others remedies for making it through each day.


Some days are tougher than others. Certainly the time frame varies person to person on how long it takes to get through this. I hope your mom does well.

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And while I'm thinking about it... how very very nice of you to take such good care of your mother and researh information.. !!! thats wonderful. I know part of that could just be a "self-preservation" reason... my mother was a pistol during peri-menopause. You could have hidden in a fox hole for a while... and out of her way. I think its commendable of you to try to be understanding and helpful.


And thats what she needs most right now. She doesn't know whats going on with her body, her hormones and her head. Its very frightening at times. Sometimes she needs her space. And other times she needs a hug. Most of all she needs understanding. Great going!!! good luck.

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