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Depressed!! advice please..

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i feel so depressed these days...

these question just pop up nowhere and i can't stop thinking about it..

because of these problems, i couldn't eat or sleep..

i don't even want to talk...

it made me so depressed.


first.....why are we here?? have you ever think about why are we all here in this world??

what's the use of we here? going in the boring life we had...everyday seems to be the same..

morning wake up - breakfast - study/work - lunch - work/study again - reach home have dinner - sleep...and this kind of things kept on repeating itself for the rest of our lifes...

its so boring...are we here in this world just to do that thing?? we can't change it right?? it will be the same no matter what we do...

it may sound stupid but i think life is too long for us...and yet so boring...nothing new..

can we change our life??


second..." I love you forever and ever "...what is forever?? what do they mean by forever??

how can we love someone or be with somone forever?? can we still be with them after we die?? can we still love them after we die??


please guys..give me some advice..

i would very much appreciate it..thanks..

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Dude, Thannnnnnk you, I wanted to start a thread like this a long time ago but was kinda scared. Like I was a freak or something.


Trust me, I know what you mean and how it becomes time consuming.


There are something that I have wondered which seem to never work themselves out of my brain. Which I hope is just depression.


Honestly though, I wonder. Why am I here? What makes me unique, is it just atoms in my brain that give me consciousness, what the thing that makes me see the world. It goes beyond just my eyes to me, like is there a soul in my body that is the essense of who I am?


I feel your frustration. You should read philosophers like Plato, and Descartes.


You'll find the more you educate yourself, the more you realize that you actually know nothing though. It's sad, but we are all in the dark.


I'm where your at, I hope for my sake and yours this is just a stage, that's what I have been told. It really is an insane time though, I wish my brain would just stop over thinking things.

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I think its great that yall are deep thinkers. I think alot of people probably most people think about the retorical question "why are we here". If only someone knew. Id like to think that when we die all questions will be answered. But not like wed like to think it will be. We will just "know". Its crazy how our thought process works. I can think on it for hours end hoping ill come aross some answers but its impossible to know why are we the only people in the whole universe..or are we? Why would you want to waste all that space? Lifes about what you believe and what you want for yourself.

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