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Overseas Man, date in NY, mother died, unknown status


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I have been conversing with a man who lives in the Lebanon, who was/is planning to come to NYC this weekend (the 15th of September). He had the plane ticket already. We were conversing for a couple of months over email/phone. He suddenly stopped emailing me and did not return my emails. Finally, I got an email last Saturday on the 8th of September that his mother died 4 days ago, he was overwhelmed and he would "be in touch with me in the future" . He did not indicate whether he was still coming to the US, if we were still meeting, bla bla so I am totally in the dark. I did write him back a very very short note, indicating sympathy and sorrow. I haven't heard from him since. Now, if he was supposed to arrive the 15th, and it is now Wed. and I still have not heard from him, what should I do? I can understand he is in a horrible life time, and sorrow, and I am the last thing on my mind. But I need to live too I certainly do not want to be waiting by the phone all weekend. I thought of emailing him again tonight, but there is no guarantee he will answer me. Please advise.


p.s. we were supposed to meet in New York city on Saturday, maybe Sunday.

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If you have his phone number, I see no reason why you can't call and let him know that you understand that, due to his tragedy, he may not be able to keep your original plans, and that you understand.


I wouldn't think that too crass... However, after such a tragedy and only knowing you for a couple of months, I know *I* would probably be cancelling the plans... wanting to be in a better situation when meeting someone for the first time.

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