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Slight age difference - the wrong way


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Hi, I might use a bit of advice here


I just started my studies in a university, and there's people starting with me whose ages range from 18 to 30. There's a lot of girls around 22-23 who I might be interested in. I have talked to about half the people in my class properly, and there hasn't been any kind of feel of age difference, like "wow she's so much older than me", actually almost all the people could be around 19 just as well. When we had to present ourselves to the class there was this one girl who said "I'm 23" and I went cos I had been sure had just come from high schools etc.


That is to say, I haven't felt anything like that, but maybe the others have? Also notice my title: usually it's the guy who's older in the relationship, and there's probably a reason to that. Do girls prefer an older guy rather than younger, even though the difference would be just numbers (meaning: you don't feel the difference).


So.. is there a point trying? Would all you twentysomething year old girls just shoot automatically a 19 year old guy down because you know his age?



Wouldn't ask but it's no fun to start a year with a series of rejections


I'm turning 19 in a few weeks by the way.

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Markers - I don't think age has much to do with at all at the place you're at in life - literally and figuratively.


Don't get hung up on what I consider minor details like age, race, religion, yeh? If you're attracted to someone, you get on and you like each other, little else is important, isn't it?


If you're interested in persuing someone, go fer it, yeh? Don't concern yourself with what she may or may not like about you.


That's my opinion anyway. You'll be happier with no worries, trust me. Easier said than done, I know. BUT, if you attain a level of comfort with yourself, others will be loads more comfortable around you as well.

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