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I know everyone has been where I am at,but everyone has their own ways of getting over certain things.


I have be with this girl for almost 2 years.

I got her pregnant,and we decided due to the situation that it would be best to abort the baby.

She lived with me for about 4 months,then up and left one day because my "best friend" stepped in,started feeding her head negative * * * * about me,making me to be the bad guy.

So as time went on,she was "with" him,but told me that we were fine,and we were still together.

This was over an 8 month period of her being with him behind my back,but still sleeping with me,still telling me she loved me,still hanging out with me.

This went on for the 8 months,and I truly believed that I could trust what she told me like "we are going to work on things' "I only want to be with you".

Then it got worse,and she didnt talk to me at all.

We finally sorted things out (as far as i knew) and she told my "best friend" that she wanted nothing to do with him.

I lived with her for 2 weeks,and things were great.

I've always had a trust issue with her as she never showed me I can trust her.

If shes out doing what she told me she was,why can't she answer her cell phone? Thats just shady!

Well,basically after the 2 weeks of happiness,she wanted to hang out with her friends one night and of course I got mad,and worried she would do something for the millionth time behind my back.

So I tried calling her,no answer..send text messages and got responses like "ill call you in a little bit" "im out to eat with my friends".

Of course I didn't believe her,and I got angry and sent her messages like "if you want trust,then answer the * * * *ing phone" and "I knew this would happened,but I went for it anyway".

That turned into me being a complete * * * * * * * according to her,and that I am going right back to the way I used to be.

Don't I have all the right to not trust her and act the way I did?

Is it completely wrong to look at her phone to see who shes been calling,and whos been calling her?

Am I an idiot for even giving her another chance after all the lies she has been caught in?

I mean,I love her soo * * * *ing much,and want nothing more than to be happy with her,and for her to be faithful to me,and nothing shady going on behind my back.

Well,after that incident with the trust (the Friday that just passed) she acted like she did before,extremely mean and uncaring.

Then,on Saturday,after supposedly not talking to my "best friend" he shows up at her door,and asks her to marry him..and guess what,she says YES!.

She told me she gave me my chance,but I dont think one night of me having to work on my trust issues is enough to call it quits.


I know all the answers are going to be..

"find someone new"

"screw her,shes a scumbag"

"think of something that will get your mind off her"


But what can I do to bring closure to this if this is just the way its going to be,her being with him?

By the way,he turned her into a cokehead,and she supported his habit.

All she did/does is party and get * * * *-faced til she cant remember a thing.

With me,we had lots of genuine fun,and she knows this and has admitted to it,that I am a better person to have fun with.


Don't bash me for this,I know you have all felt this before..I honestly feel like I don't want to live anymore,as she was the world to me and made me smile and took care of all my troubles.

I can't stop thinking about how she is sitting there all happy with him,and not caring what she has done to me.


What can I do to makeup with her,make her feel my pain,revenge...

Just in general feel a lot better than I do now?



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Forget about revenge, it won't make you happy. Besides, it sounds like she already got the punishment she deserves. Yes, it looks like you got played, but consider yourself lucky for getting shed of the backstabbers in your life. Things couldn't be any better for you at this point.


A good guy deserves faithful friends.



How can things not be any better for me?

They are at their worst of times right now.

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Your life may be impacted right accross the board. You will grieve, and all of your emotions are valid and you will need time to work through them. You will need to do whatever you need to do to get through it.


You will grieve and you will cry, you may be scared and angry, and you will probably go through extreme emotional ranges but It will levels out

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