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i need some advice :)


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Not sure if i'm posting in the right spot... but it seemed to fit the best. I have a bit of a problem with a guy that I'm crazy about. He's a guy that I've dated in the past and one of those people that we always seem to cross paths... start dating... and then one of us goes back to school, moves away etc. There is a long wonderful story of coincidence between us and growing up (that I won't bore you with)... and it keeps me so drawn to him!!!


Well now I'm back in my home town for good. I'm 27 and more settled than I was the time we talked and I'd really love to just call him up and never let him go. Problem is... he is seeing someone.


Should I call him and just let him know that I think of him? And then leave him alone to make a decision on his own? Should I do nothing? I'm not one of those women that disrespects relationships and I'd kill a girl that would do that me. BUUUT what if I do nothing and something amazing just wilts away bc he never knew how I felt??? ugh. I go to sleep thinking about him and wake up thinking about him. Its nuts. HELP.

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If he is with someone and is happy I wouldn't come between that its just not right but of course its up to you but its funny cause what goes around comes around believe me I have been on both sides I have cheated and been cheated on and have been the other woman it always ends up ugly.


But what if he is not happy would you want to be the rebound girl?


It just seems like an all around sticky situation and I wouldn't want no part of it but life is funny what's meant to be will be and if you guy's have had this magical connection during all these years maybe somehow you guy's will meet up again when he is available.

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Can you define "Seeing someone" a little better?


she's a girlfriend

I only know this bc his mom said... exactly... "yea he just bought a house and he's got a little girlfriend"


And my best friend and bf are in the same but distant circle as he and his girlfriend. And my bff says they seem to "fight a lot"



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I think you should call him and tell him how you feel about him, otherwise if you leave it, you'll be left wodering, "what if?" for the rest of your life. You obviously have some very strong feelings for this guy and you can't just let it go, maybe he feels the same way and wants to get back together, sure he'll end up hurting the woman he's dating by breaking up with her but at least you two will be following your hearts.

If he doesn't feel the same way then maybe it's best for you to move on and try and find someone else.

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