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Circumcised or Not; what's better


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I know in America the majority of men are circumsized but in many european countries men are not. I don't think it matters at all. If I'm with a guy, it's not going to be because of a bit of skin that may or may not be on his penis.


As long as they keep themselves clean, it's fine. That being said, my ex bf was not circumsized and he was always complaining that I was too rough with him.


As far as aesthetics go, I probably prefer uncirumsized. I just think it's unfortunate that newborn babies have to go through that surgery.

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Thats more the mens fault than the foreskins. They're actually just like vulvas- self cleaning and self protecting.


I dont mind either way...I guess, I mean Ive never had sex with an uncut male so I wouldnt know. However, I was told that a reason they cut them is because if you dont then theres a chance that the foreskin will grow closed and it will have to be removed later in life.


Hey RainGate, that is not true. It's also not true that an uncircumcised penis will increase a womans chance of getting HPV. (As to my disgust I saw an agony aunt tell a 19 year old male who wrote in about his gf finding his foreskin disgusting. That one made me mad.)


It is true that a foreskin can not grow properly and become tight as the penis grows but that can be fixed either by the circumcision or by stretching the foreskin.


Honestly, outside of the religious communities, circumcision would never have caught on in America if it hadn't been backed as a cure for masturbation and then backed by insurance.

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I have read that an uncut one will be more sensitive than a cut one because the head is protected from rubbing against clotching and thus, not numbed from friction. I personally believe that is BS. I am cut and if I were any more sensitive than I am now, I'd be having orgasms all day long

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