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NC if the dumper still loves you but cant be with you

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I just replied to your previous post. If she loves you, no contact would be the best way to go because then she will have the chance to really miss you. If you continue as a friend, she won't have that chance to find out what life is like without you because you will still be available as comfort and someone to talk to. Maybe going NC will make her realize that she has to find her own way in life and not be controlled by her parents. If she really loves you and can get over her issues, she will find a way to get back with you.

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Well I've got to say, I am not getting any better. We are just going to have to kick eachother in the AZZ (LOL) if we start to become weak. I agree, I love him and I have to except the fact that it's over. I've been thinking about all the bad times instead of the good to help me through. Although, I'm starting to think that this whole mess is my fault.


I might have it a little easier than you b/c he hasn't tried to call me, I have always called him so as long as he doesn't call????? I think I'll be ok. Just hurts to know that someone that told you they loved you would, and could cut you completely off without a second thought.


Oh well, what goes around comes around they always say.

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We will be fine kimmie!


The email I got today, there was nothing in it. I know that, but as you say how can someone who loved you just cut you off. Its understandable that they want to move on for whatever reason, you would hope its hard for them too and I'm sure it is. One thing I know is that the heart can never be supressed by the head forever, its whether we are strong enough to either keep it supressed or finally give in to true feelings.

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Hey Kimmie, hope u are ok!


No advice today, Frustrated! After her instigating NC tuesday, I got an txt from her last night, just to ask about tickets I didnt have, I thought she knew I didnt have them. No emotion, no how are you, it was as if she was talking to someone she hardly knew. Then she told me about a house v near me that her folks wanted to look at for her, again, very matter of fact. I dont know what she is doing, or is it me reading into something that isnt there. HELP!!!!!!

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