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no getting back together


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Sometimes a person is so far gone. this happened to me, when i called my ex to come over. I feel good for me that i did. She had things on her myspce page that offended me. the whole thing was filled with low self-esteem comments self-loathing, along with a piece of meat as her only photo. a co-worker (not the guy she slept with) put a comment on her photo asking her if she wasn't tired being a piece of meat. what a jerk! I said to her. "You know, I'll be t he knows about you and your boss. he is who you call friend?"

Man, she is so far gone. She is everyone's bi*ch, i told her. maybe not sexually, but every way else. her boss is piling work on to her, and I think is punishing her.

She said that they only agreed to "Not be weird" at work, but never really ended anything. they kept seeing each other after she messed up with me, but as far as i'm concerned, I only needed it to happen once.

here's my thought. she didn't mess up once, she entered a realtionship with this guy, as messed up as it is. She needs to fix that, and a whole bunch of other stuff before i can even be a friend, if ever i want to do that. right now i don't. she is so far gone, lost, and sad. she's really a cry, and getting back together is not going to happen. when people cheat, they cheat you, and they cheat themselves. they are a sad bunch of people.

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