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where to go... and whats a podcast LOL

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hi all!


Im not working tomorrow nor do I have collage, my boyfriend wants to spend time with me, any suggestions to what we can do??


Oh and I was wondering whats the podcast url thingy?


Whereabouts are you? Kind of depends on what you do....and am steering clear of waggling an eyebrow at you for a suggestion of what you should do with your boyfriend...

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Yeh depends a lot on where you are... Small town vs big city, lotta different things. Be more specific.


If weather is nice go to the zoo thats always fun. Picnic at the park before the months of 8 feet of snow set in? A nice lunch at a cafe and then to a museum. So much to do so little time!

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The question about the podcast is because when people post new threads now it asks for podcast URL! (well, it did for me the other day)... I know what a podcast is, but, I found it weird that it was asked... has anyone used this feature in making a post?



I have seen that about the podcast URL also, but was quite confused by what it was or what the use of it was on ENA/

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