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She has become bitter. Why

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heres my story


why is she doing this. she keeps texting me saysing stuff like dont forget my psp which was a gift by the way, keeps askin for insignificant things back some which have been some not.


she also keeps telling me that she is not gonna be taken for a mug by me anymore cause she borrowed money and cant give it back. she isnt the only one to get herself into debt cause of this relationship.


why do people do this. turn so bitter about such silly things.


Broke NC cause i text her back about this but starting again today. hopefully she wont text cause her dad is picking up her stuff today.


i got a heart moniter on 22nd and she knows i am real scared about it. she was gonna come with me but obviously she wont now. but do i tell her the outcome.


her b'day comes up on 20th october. shall i send a card. i know its a long way off and the situation can change but what if NC since then.

but will that mean there is no chance of getting back together.


any advice would be great




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Mate you need to get serious about this.


People turn bitter cause of all sorts of reasons. Change you phone number. Change your msn. Give yourself some space. Only then will you be able to make sense of things. 20 October is a long way away, lets worry about September first.


Set yourself some small goals that are within your control. Ie. for me it was going to the gym four times a week. Then get more ambitious.

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cheers yer i know.


think i reading too much into it (deosnt everyone at first)


broke nc cause need to arrange pick up time for her stuff. she has lied to me about the phone. said cant change name till 27th can change it this week i checked.


should i give her the love letters we wrote each other. i want to keep them as a keepsake in a box in the loft but dont know if i should give them to her instead



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Put everything that reminds you of her in a box (or boxes) that you don't have to give back, and put it somewhere very much out of sight. If thats too much temptation, give it to a friend for safe keeping. One day you will look back fondly.


Put everything thats her's in another box, and ideally give it to a mutual friend to deliver to her.


Keep the letters. Nothing to be achieved by giving them back. Thats your subconscious trying to trigger a reaction from her

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have jus been speakin to my ex. she has become so petty and now i actually jus dont care. my heart says i want her back still but i think now it is not because of her. its because i miss being with someone and someone to hold.


my head says dont take her back cause she has now shown her true colours and to be honest i dont want her back.


thanks everyone for the advice. i will keep you posted if anything changes.



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her dad jus collected her stuff. i actually truly feel great. it is like a great burden. i am not gonna talk to her, be her friend or even wonder if she still thinks of me and wants to get back.




i feel great a am talking to an old girl friend who i wasnt allowed to talk to and i feel much better.


this site really helped me and i know her true colours now


love ya all



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