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I Need Some Advise

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Theres this girl that i have been seeing for about 6 months. Shes great and I love her but she's still healing from he last ex who was a complete idiot. He blamed her for him breaking a few of his knuckles, because she broke up with him and he punched a hole in his wall and blamed her.( * * * * * * *) Anyway, we havent seen eachother in a while and she tells me she misses me more and more every day. She Says the next time she sees me she made me promise that she would have her way with me. Anyone got some advise for me to deal with this?

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I would say just go with the flow and enjoy yourself. Don't worry about reaching some goal like getting laid. Just try to relax, enjoy her company, and have fun. If things go well you might get to home plate If they don't atleast you had a great time and made a friend.

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