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Best friend double-crossed me!!!

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I am so angry right now... I can't believe I ever trusted him... why did I tell him how I really felt, and he took those feelings and crapped all over them!!!


Tonight, I see my 3 friends (1 of them being the girl I have something for)... I've been suspecting that my best buddy has a crush on this girl (he knows I do), and so I talk to him in private.


He admits it as truth. He says that "I love her more than you love her" which he doesn't know, and he told me "She doesn't like you anymore. don't worry, there's someone else for you out there!!" Keep in mind we've been buddies for 3-4 years... gone through a lot together, yet he just craps on all those years we've been friends. I didn't want him to tell her that I liked her, yet he does it anyways and tries to hide behind a lie for his own selfish freaking reason.


I don't care... He double crossed me and didn't respect my feelings!!! He can redeem himself, if he doesn't take this relationship, but he really did screw me over... His excuse as to why he didn't tell me he liked her in the first place was that "Well, we didn't want you to go over the deep end" YEAH!? WELL I WOULD'VE BEEN MUCH BETTER OFF KNOWING THAT HE LIKED HER IN THE FIRST PLACE AND THEN I WOULDA BACKED OFF AND KEPT MASTURBATING TO PORNOGRAPHY AND LIVING MY PATHETIC LIFE!!!! I'm tired of everybody screwing me over, and I hate my life.


I try to love, but get nothing in return. I try respecting her, but I get nothing back. I try being a good friend, only to lose one.


I hate my life.

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Hey I don't know all the details of your situation...but if you both liked her why is he the one that shoulda stepped aside ? I mean his feelings are as important as yours right ? Also...what about the girl ? Shouldn't *she* be the one deciding who she wants to be with, if any of you two ? don't take it the wrong way...but the fair thing would be if you both hit on her and see who she chooses...just my opinion srry if it offends you didn't mean to...

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How long have you both known her? Who knew her first? One of you should have made your true feelings clear long ago, and if you can't do it, then why should the other guy back off?


You're right, he can't know who likes her more, and your feelings mean just as much as his. But this isn't a betrayal, a betrayal would have been him compromising your trust by telling her your deep feelings. This is just what happens when you get into a love triangle.


That's the thing with triangles is that they have corners... that stab... (=P)

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