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Confused and torn, need help

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Well im a really shy kid, i dont talk much to many people and up till recently i was in average shape now getting to be looking better tho. about 3 years ago i started talking to this guy on line and we were best friends, he commited suicide but i also have an alternate account on which i have people that i know but dont know its me sort of like an alias, now someone ive confided in about my loss and ive fallen in love with her, i know she feels a spark but she dosnt want to say anything becasue we havnt met i want to tell her who i am but i think sheel think me a creep or just wont want to talk to me me what should i do? i was thinking since im clever and always have something to say maybe i could be myself and she could fall for me that way if thats the case can someone tell me how to make introductions to people you already know? becasue if i can get in with the group she hangs out with i believe i can get her to see the real me any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I would get to know her in person first before telling her out of the blue who you are on the net. I think that would scare most people or at least shock them whether or not she want that person to be you.


You might just have to find out for yourself either way. Get to know her, give her very little hint but just be her good friend. If she's really interested in you I'm sure things will work out for both of you.

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