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Night Out Turned Bad

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Okay so me and my mates went out. It was me, my best buddy, his girlfriend and her friend and we all went clubbing. As you do when you go out, you get drunk and you have a good time, right? Well the night went from good to bad when my mate decided to get a little too friendly with his girlfriends best mate and it just so happened that even though I don't fancy her - I was doing the same with his girlfriend.


Now were in a situation where she was annoyed at him for flirting with her friend and they I think have sorted that out, yet he isn't really talking to me. He phoned me today telling me I'm a .... and that whatever I said to his girlfriends mom when I was drunk was repeated back to her and she seems to think he wants to sleep with her best friend. I explained I was steaming and that I really have no idea what I said and whatever I did say probably didn't make as much sense as it would have if I was sober.


Well I tried getting him to come over or phone me and talk, yet he said he couldn't and now when I just im'd him, he basically said " I'm going to bed " and signed off - which by the way infuriated me considering it was I who brought back his girlfriend from outside after she stormed off having had enough of watching them two flirt. He's obviously annoyed with me and now its visa versa - I just stopped myself from telling him where to go. I know he's upset and it confuses me as to entirely why seeing as how it was HIM flirting with her friend - who's a known uh, you figure it out, it begins with s and ends in t.


I'm not sure what I should do now, although I must confess he is my best mate and I don't wanna fall out without him over something so stupid. I've told him I don't fancy his girlfriend and that I like her as a mate, I've told him that whatever I said to her mom when drunk was a mistake and that I shouldn't really of said it and probably got my words twisted. What now? If he's going to just ignore me, it's gunna anger me and bare in mind that when he first met his girl I barely heard or spoke to him for a damn near year and didn't hold a grudge when we started hanging back out.


Help? I'm pretty p-o- right now.

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Well, I notice a trend here, do you? Read you're letter again... I am speaking from over 30 years of experience....what was the cause of all this? Be happy you have another chance, that chance starts right now... I've had friends you are dead because they didn't listen.

I'll tell you, surprisingly, the advice come from a drunk, drugged out rock star... the lyrics of the song says... I'm demon alcohol, I'll get you!" Many people rationalize alcohol, thinking it can't hurt, can't cause problems... well then, why are their so many dead from drunk drivers? So many fetal alcohol syndrom babies? People waiting for liver transplants? etc... you get the idea. Find something else you can do fun, without drinking, look in local ad books. One of my regrets was that I didnt visit my local... zoo, museum, library, church, volunteer to help others, etc.. when I was young. If you find you can't have fun without drinking, go to an AA meeting and see what it did to the people in the meeting, you'll sober up real quick...

Some of the greatest saints in the world used to drink and be merry all the time, then they saw how selfish they were being and changed, they devoted their lives toward loving others. They have my true admiration, not for their past, but for what they did when they recognized they had a choice. You have a chance now. Please, make history!

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Just give it a little time to cool things off and then re-address the situation. If he's your best mate, he should understand.


Most of the issues between long time friends can be solved this way, I've stopped asking for advice and just following this rule, it works wonders.

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