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Very Confused. Need Help.


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My G/F broke up with me maybe a few days ago i dont know when. Its been all a blur. She said she didnt love me etc and wasnt happy.


Well yesterday she contacted me and well instead of me doing the NC thing i wanted some answers i asked her why she left me, why she doesnt love me so many things, and her basic answer was because she wanted to be free.... and didnt want the worries of being in a relationship. This hurt me alot, i thought if i ment anything to her shed stil want to be with me atleast.


She then tells me she doesnt love me and will proberly never ever love me again. Another piece of my heart breaks. I am so very hurt. But the thing that confused me was not all this, i had figured everything she had said out already.


What confused me was, well she said she wants to be "friends With Benefits". She said she wants to be with me but not be serious. Just have fun. Okay so i want to be with her but i dont just want to have fun i want her to love me like she used to. Well she said she wouldnt look at no other guys or nothing shed only want me.


She wants to be with me but wants to be like we were when we first got together, the first few months when all you do is have fun nothing serious.


So i kind of agreed, which i now regret, because i asked her will you ever love me again and she said NO, but i said "you dont know that you could love me right?" and she replies "I could love you again but I dont think I will".


So i can do this, be with her and hopefully make her fall in Love with me again, be like i used to be the person she used to love. Or i can tell her tomorrow, NO. You cant use me, if you want to be with me you have to be with me properly. Tell her how much she has hurt me, tell her how much i loved her.


And that NO we cant be together. But this way when i see her college everyday it will be so hard, when i see another guy try it on with her i will end up killing them and go jail and also hell. And i actually mean that i will kill them.


What to do? Say NO to her, or give in to being with her them last few momment. ??


Sorry it was so long, just venting i suppose. any advice would be apreciated. Thankyou.

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I think you should drop her. Move on.. Have little to no contact with her. Let yourself heal. Whatever you do, dont have breakup sex with her! Your only going to hurt yourself more.


She is telling you she doesnt love you? OUCH.. Dont let her hurt you more. While you have no control over what she does you do have control over your reactions to it and what you do from here.


Good Luck

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