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It's hard to respect law students

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I agree that you shouldn't pursue a profession that you are not passionate about. You are entitled to your opinion, of course, but it seems to be based on generalizations, cliches, and not facts. I for one became a lawyer because it was my dream from when I was very young and was lucky to get involved in politics, I paid my way through most of law school and took out a moderate loan which I paid back in 2 years. Because of my law degree, I have been able to make a real difference in peoples' lives including those with mental illnesses, people seeking asylum in this country, struggling artists, among others. I work with many people and have worked with many people who use their legal training and license to help others, often for free.


I also think it's unhealthy to be so negative about an entire profession - if you don't want to pursue a career in law that's fine but since you likely will come in contact with at least a few lawyers socially or through business why not judge each one as an individual? You might be surprised. Just like there are bad lawyers each profession has its own "bad apples."

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Well...who told you that you have to go into that profession? That's one of the few reasons I can think of for you to have posted that.


If you don't like that profession, don't go into it...but don't assume that all those who do choose to go into it are as you describe.


You'd be much better served to focus on what you DO want to do and what you ARE passionate about, rather than wasting your time analyzing something you clearly dislike.


Just as you have a right to make decisions about what kind of career you will pursue, other people have that same right. Some of them will choose to become lawyers. I fail to see why other peoples' choice of career and reasons for their choice are any of your concern.


And, no, I'm not a lawyer and I never thought of going to law school. But there have been times in my life I've been damn glad someone chose to become a lawyer because I've needed their assistance.


Some jobs aren't good because the work is hard or unpleasant or not respected. I'm just glad there are folks that choose to make their living by doing things I personally wouldn't want to do. The fact that someone else is willing to navigate the legal system, or show people houses for sale, or perform surgery, or pick up the garbage, or fix the sewers, or put a new roof on my house means that I don't have to do it.

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You don't have to like the profession. But do you have to judge people just because of what they want to study? Not all law students are that way. It's an ingorant assumption.


My cousin and his wife were both law students. They actually both just graduated and are very excited. They are nothing like anything you described.


It's definitely a good thing you are not going to pursue it, since you dislike it so much. But is there a real reason you chose to post this?

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I find that often lawyers are targets of negativity, generalizations, etc. I am sure there are other professions that similarly are targeted but of course since I am the one being targeted I guess I notice it more ;-). It's easy to lash out against a group of people who in general are financially successful or, if they do public interest law, at least know they have decent earning potential if they choose to go private. Maybe to some that financial success seems unfair or that it was unfairly achieved. Who knows. Also of course "bad" lawyers are often profiled in the media - it makes news - so people might generalize from what they read or see.

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