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How to approach somebody on MYSPACE?


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Need some tips here. So many thanks in advance.


There is the girl on myspace, and I have seen her profile many times. She is single and looking for "dating". She is christian like me, and I find her sexy/ and see similarities in our experiences that she has put on her blog.


So I wrote her a message of encouragement, pretty much telling her that her "testimony" was really touching.


What is the next step? How do I play it cool, yet get myself noticed by her? Any tips?

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I know some people hate myspace but I guess it all depends on how you use it. Personally I've found it a great and convenient way to get in touch with people.


Anyway, back on topic.

People can disagree with me if they want but in the beginning try not to give out too many compliments, because that'd be creepy/needy in a way.


Instead, try starting up a lasting conversation so you two get to know each other better.

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