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I'm trapped in a romantic cliche.


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"My Best Friend's Wedding"..."Just Friends"...My life in a nutshell. For the last four years I have been in love with this girl. Over the years, our relationship has been everywhere. We have dated and broken up innumerable times - so much so that I have actually lost count. At one point things were so bad beteween us that we didn't talk for almost ten months. But we eventually made it past that and slowly but surely became friends again.


We have come so far since then and we are currently best friends. We talk about EVERYTHING. This is where things get complicated. She has known for a long time that I am in love with her. Until recently, I thought that I was the only one who could ever have these feelings. However, the other day, she shared some information with me that has fueled much insomnia.


She told me that she trusts me more than anyone and that she isn't sure how she feels now, but that someday, she knows she could love me. She said that I am the only guy she could picture herself spending the rest of her life with- the only guy that she would want to have a family, a house and a golden retriever with. Incidentally, I share this very sentiment regarding her.


The only catch is that she isn't ready for a serious relationship right now- "Right now just isn't the right time". Presently, she wants to date as many guys as she can; while I by contrast -especially given these circumstances- haven't the slightest interest in other girls, let alone in dating them.


In short, my dilemma is this: I know that she is "The One", and what's more- she knows it too. Is it wrong of me to wait for her (sans dating) until the right time does come along?

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Her words are very common and they simply mean only one thing--"I'm not interested in dating you ever." There are a few reasons why she might mislead you, but they're not important. The only thing to realize is what she truly means by what she says.


By waiting around for her you're only harming yourself. The longer you stay in touch with her at this point, the longer it's going to take for you to get over her and find someone else. One thing is for sure, hanging around in the background will not get her to be your gf again. This method has been thoroughly tested and failed.

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