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Are guys capable of something like this?

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Hi everyone!


I noticed a strange occurrence....

I think that my ex BF is calculating time when to contact me.

For example, when we first met and got introduced to each other, it took him exactly 30 DAYS before he contacted me for the first time....

In the meantime, we were together, broke up, had no contact I initiated, then re-established it and now we're «just friends», but probably both with hidden agenda. But, that’s not the issue now, the issue is we had a drink a month ago and after that he contacted me.... guess when? AFTER 29 DAYS!

FIRST 30 DAYS AND THEN 29 DAYS.... I'm beginning to think this is not a coincidence....

Could it be that he is waiting on purpose......that these are some deadlines that he put himself? He doesn't mind if I initiate something, but I think this 30 DAYS TIME FRAME is his scenario if he's the one to do something...


You know, I do things like these sometimes, but I would never think that some guy would do something like this..... Do you think this could be the case or that it is a just a coincidence?




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For example, when we first met and got introduced to each other, it took him exactly 30 DAYS before he contacted me for the first time....


A month, at least, is often quoted for no contact after a break-up but not at the beginning. He is reading the wrong chapter in the handbook.


Don't be available. Next time he calls, blow him out. 30 days down the tubes

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Don't worry - the tactics is ready to be put in play , I know how to react when he eventually contacts me, but at the moment I'm just interested if this is something he is doing on purpose.... This 30 days time frame....


Is this something a guy would do, set up on purpose.....

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Don't ask. Why do you need to know? If it is nothing mroe than curiosity, why ask. It could be a tactic, but maybe you want him to succeed. You said you have a hidden agenda, what is it? If you want back together, then why worry about his tactics, if you think he does too. If you are both working toward the same objective, then why call him on his tactics?


I might at some point make fun of him for them, but I'd be careful about when.

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If you want him to succeed, don't challenge what you think he might be doing.


However, also recognize that getting involved will require contact to increase over time. It needs to become more frequent.


You might feign offense in him taking so long to contact you again.


Good luck.

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Oh I'm sure the contact will increase...It has been now like this possibly also as its "the beginning" of the re-established contact and because I had my 3 weeks holiday inbetween....


Anayway, you are right and I realise that myself too... The contact should definitely increase....


I think I will have no attitude about him not calling me.... when he does finally call......I'll pretent that I didn't even notice that... And I'll make sure that I'm not available the second he decides to come around....


thx again

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