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Help for School Year


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Hey, I'm 17 years old, and just about to start grade 12. I'm ridiculously shy when it comes to the dating game, and though I would like to be, I find I am not the most social around either, I never get invited to any parties really, or anything outside of school, though me and friends do chill in school. Any suggestions for the new school year what to do, to turn things around?

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Try being social everywhere,


I used to be incredibly shy,


Everyone in HS was like does she smile ever,


Now I can't stop talking, lol.


What I suggest is,


Practice outside of school,


When you go to the grocery store,


Ask the checker how they are doing,


And how their day is going,


Be sure to smile too,


Then transpire that into your school life,


Talk to people, ask what classes they are taking,


Engage in sports, games, clubs,


Good luck!



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I think the root of the problem is you perceive the notion of a "dating game". If you focus on being yourself, just getting to know people as people without romantic motives, and working on opening up to people of both genders for the sake of making friends and finding groups with which you fit, I bet the dating aspect of things will fall into place...

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