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How do i stop thinking about romantic relationships so much?

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So, i've pretty much learnt how to not focus on the fact that i don't have anyone in my life romantically now. However when i really get comfortable with myself, or with the fact that i don't have someone romatically in my life some guy comes along.


I went out with a group of friends and actually started talking/joking around with a guy i'd been introduced to a while back but never talked to. Either way, as the night progressed he got very flirty and touchy. Now i don't know if he's actually interested or just messing around having a good time. Either way it was really cute, we were sitting next to eachother and he kept grabbing my knee, touching my arm, looking at me, and playing a little footsies. Now like i said, he could have just been messing around, having random fun.


Anyways, so whenever something with a guy like this happens, i really click with him romantically and i can't get him out of my head. Iimagine myself dating him, going to prom with him all kinds of stuff. Also i tell all my friends about it which i'm def not going too this time as i just want to see how things progress.


Either way, when stuff like this happens i just can't get the guy out of my head, anytime someone shows me some kind of attention thats flirty i'm just constatly thinking about them and what it could develop into. I feel like i always jinx stuff when i do this as these moments hardly ever develop into anything.


Why do i do this, constantly think about the person and where we could end up? How come i just can't let go and see how things go? Do you think by creating all these senarios in my head i am killing prospects for a relationship?

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