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I hope i don't offend anyone here but I need advice....I've been dating my boyfriend for 3 1/2 years. And he's very comfortable and confident about himself never worrying what others think and such (complete opposite of me! lol). He's 26 and Im 25. If i comment on a guy's looks I say he is hot...he may say sometimes.....yea he's a goodlooking guy or hot girl whatever.


So I wonder why do i sometimes worry...well is he gay or bi? why would he comment about a guys looks when i say something? What am I thinking this it's so mean to think this about someone I love...but I'm guess overanalyzing this? He's friends and him will sometimes joke about that and sometimes my gf's will joke about becoming lesbians bc there are no good men out there.....and I feel like it's not appropiate they don't say it in public places but still...


Than the bf and I watched brokeback mountain because i was really curious about this movie. He was cool about seeing it he didn't freak out like some men would. we were watching it and some scenes he was like omg and laughed, we both had a shocked look on our faces in one particular scene..i guess it was a normal reaction. I don't know he likes working on cars and he loves girl porn. Im just wondering am i overanalyzing this?? It's so stupid of me to think this.

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You are over analysing. Guys know when other guys are good looking just like girls no the same of other girls.


I have no problem telling my partner if another guys is good looking and I can promise you I am not gay. Your bf is just comfortable with himself.

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I really wouldn't worry, everyone no matter their sexuality is able to tell when someone (man or woman) is good looking. Sounds like your BF is one of those people comfortable enough to say it out loud.


As a gay guy I can appreciate the beauty of a woman, doesn't mean I like them sexually.


At the end of the day, Bi-sexual or straight he's chosen to be with you.

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