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How to ask this girl out...


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Ok I'll kind of brief this story up a bit. A bunch of my friends work at a clothing store called bon-ton and there is this beautiful girl named Tara that works there behind the cosmetics counter. All my friends are clsoe with her and they have been finding out bits of info on her for me over the last like couple months or so. and one of my friends let it slip to her that I like her quite a bit. It didn't bother me. ive gone in there evry night she works and hung around and talked to her and clearly flirted a little here and there. I figured things were going well. So far they are all my friends seem to think I have really good chances of dating her. But she recently put in her 2 weeks notice there and I won't be able to see her again because she is going back to college. Her last day is this thursday and the store just instated some new rule that no one can hang around in the store because me and all my friends go in like 20 minutes before everyone gets out and hangs around so we all can go out for the evening. So basically I have no way of going in and hanging around to talk to her on her last day this thursday so I don't kno i fI should just walk in real quick quick and ask her out or if I should wait in the parking lot. I'm kind of a shy person and it has taken a long time for me to even be on the level of speaking with this girl as much as I speak with her now. I'm pretty open with her about anything and she is to me but I'm not sure if she feels the same way either. I've given a couple hints that I wanted to date like blatant hints. here's one restaurant was closing which I found out was her favorite...I asked her if she would like to go there with me and a few of her friends and my friends. 2 days before I see her and ask her if we are still on for the weekend and she said she already went. A week later I asked her if she would like to come to a party at my place a handful of her friends were going and a lot of my friends were going. I asked her on a monday and she saiud she would most likely be able to go. By wednesday she had made other plans to go to 6 Flags with one of her friends. So I don't even kno if it is even worth asking her out anymore. Anyone have any type of ideas for me? I gotta get this figured out before thursday cause it has just been pretty stressful for the last 2 or 3 months.

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after a few mins of chat tell her something like "hey I gotta go now, but let's go to coffee and continue, let's say at starbucks at X pm". Or something. Just don't make a huge deal out of it.. and please do everything you can to be confident, because that counts a lot I guess.

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