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I feel nothing

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I used to feel the same way. It is an awful feeling I know, but you have to trust me with all your heart that this feeling will pass. Don't let this feeling get over you, fight it, because you are alive.


Life is too precious to be feeling like this.


I'm telling all of this and I don't even know what happened. =/

Hope things get better.

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I think we all have those moments when we feel nothing. Did you just come through a struggle? Thats usually when I feel nothing. I think we just need to get through those times. What usually helps me through those is to go out and do something for someone. One of those times I went outside and watered all my mom's flowers that she could not get to that day. Or just write a friend a note. Hope this helps.

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I have periods like that - no emotions, no feelings, no deep thoughts. My feeling is that it just your mind being exhausted with things and taking a break.


If things don't improve after awhile, then it might be good to see a doctor, it might be depression.

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I am already on meds for deression


Your meds could be the problem. When I went on Paxil, it helped for awhile. But after awhile, they pretty much squashed ALL my feelings - not just the depressed/sad ones.


A few days of this feeling is normal (see other posters), but if it continues, I would suggest getting your meds adjusted.

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