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I LOVE IT!! Jealousy works BOTH ways....

uncomfortably numb

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My ex and I have been apart for almost 6 months now.During that time I've seen her with 2 guys.This has torn my heart out.Yes,I was jealous.I'm not a control freak or the jealous type.SEEING it though after 10 years really did it to me.


So,she is at the house today to pick up her child support(it has to be for money) and what does she see on the computer?

An e-mail a girl from Penn State sent me wanting to get to know me better and saying she thought we would make a cute couple.


She did'nt know how to react now that I was the one getting the looks,and attention.She hated it!She started to write the girl back before I caught her.Her words she wrote were "he's mine and will alwa".I had to let her know that SHE chose this life for herself.She'll have to accept I will move on sooner or later.


What goes around DOES come around.

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