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Am I being Petty????

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Well right now I am currently trying things again with someone, We're not exactly going back out but we are taking things slow and going from there.


Well anyway one of my best friends who is like my brother works with her. I got him the job about a month ago and since then he has'nt really been talking to me or responds to my phone calls. There is a new movie that came out tonight that I really wanted to see. My friend asked my current "interest" if she wanted to go see the movie and she said yes. And I feel that the only reason I was invited to see the movie was that I stopped in to my old work place where they both work.


The thing that's bothering me is that they made plans to go out and do something with each other before including me in it. I feel like I was'nt supposed to be included in those plans and I just ended up getting invited because I was around not because they were going to call me and ask me to hang out.


May be I am being petty but I am pretty furious that one of my best friends who has'nt talked to me since I got him a job made plans to go out with my current "interest". I would have been ok with it if he made the plans with me first and suggested asking her to do something with us but he asked her first. So I am thinking about making up an excuse and seeing if they both still go to the movie without me, if they do I'll know something is up and if not I guess it's a good thing.

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In general, you play too many psychological games and would do much better if you were more direct and upfront with people. #1 this method of getting your ex back is going to blow up in your face. You're buying into the false hope scraps she's giving you and it's obvious she's interested in tsting the waters with other guys. #2 Also with your "friend", if he knows you two were an item and he's still persuing it, he's not much of a friend. Ask him if he's trying to get with her instead of this game of cat and mouse, testing loyalties. It'll only end up hurting you in the end.

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Well she called me yesterday after she got out of work and I told her I did'nt feel like going anymore. So she said she was'nt going to go if I was'nt cause she would feel awkward hanging out with him just by herself. She told me he asked her in way that sounded like I was going too, like "hey we're all going to see the movie on fri right?" and she said she assumed that he asked me before asking her and that's why she said yes.


The night went good, we went to dinner and saw the movie and then me and her and my friend went out after wards. Her and I got in to a fight but ended up working things out and although I was expecting yesterday to suck, I had a good time with her and it was great being honest with her.

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