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Two more, or two less..


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This random though just came into my head, so I penned down this poem... It's pretty rough but I would like to hear what you think of it.



Two less pennies and I would drop,

Two more pennies and you would stop.


Two less phone calls I would have blown,

Two more phone calls and you would have flown.


Two less days and I would smoke,

Two more days and you would prevoke.


Two less messages and I would sigh,

Two more messages and you would cry.


Two less cities and I would barf,

Two more cities and you would laugh.


Two less scares and I would ponder

Two more scares and you would wonder.


Two less dates and I would think

Two more dates and you would besink.


Two less thoughts and I would see

Two more thoughts and you would flee.


Two less drinks and I would tremble,

Two more drinks and you would assemble.


Two less eyes I would know,

Two more eyes you wouldn't show.


Four less years and I would have freedom,

Four less years and you wouldn't be broken.


© MN 2006.

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