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How do i have to contact her.

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Hello everyone.

I have a problem.

I want to make contact again with a girl i knew from school.

I had a breakup with my last GF. she knows her too but i didnt want to contact her at that moment because my ex GF was a very jealous one.

I dont know her phone number and i dont have an e-mail of her.

The only thing i know is her adres where she lives with her BF.

Actually i dont want to ring at her door in case her BF opens.

That girl was crazy about me when we were in school.

But its not that what i want. I just want her friendship without giving her problems with her BF.

At school we were very good friends. And i dont want to do anything stupid.

I just miss that friendship we had.



Thx for the reply's

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Send her a letter in the mail, and address it just to her. Say you miss her, wonder what she's up to and if she would like to be friends. Even if she shows the BF, unless he's very jealous or something, that shouldn't be threatening.


I only know her streetname but dont know exactly the housenumber.

Im only sure she lives there cause i've seen her car parked there.

What sould i do?

Should i leave a message on her front window wiper?

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Hi all.guess what?

I contacted her

I drove around in her city and i saw her car at the pitta bar.

So what did i do i bought some pitta to meet her there.

After a small talk i asked her email adres but she didnt like computers.

So we almost said goodbye till i asked her how her dog was doing.

She said fine and wanted to show me a pic of her dog.

The picture was on her mobile phone.

So that was the right moment to ask her nummber.

Its alot better than email.Isnt it?

But i stay realistic.She has her BF and im happy for her.

So i promised myself not to contact her more than one or twice a week.

Im just glad to hear and be in contact with this girl again.


Greetz and thx again for reading and replying

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