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Twice, same circumstances


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It's a bit after having lunch, you're sit, watching some kind of show and there is that charmant lady you've spotted many days ago also watching the show in front of you.


That experience is painful and at the same time wonderful because you can eye her and the show is enjoyable too.


That moment made me ponder a lot. The cases were so similar that it made me wonder if I was due to do something different than the first time.

Obviously, I didn't do anything the first time; but was that shyness or pure logistic ?


What are your thoughts ?

Odd coincidence, isn't it ?

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What profit has being shy ever given to you. You got a mouth in the middle i suggest you use it and ask her out. Its simple, if you don't shoot you'll always miss. You see its a win win situation, if you ask her out , and she says no , you can move on with your life ,if she says yes, you'd got a date.

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What if you don't want to date her ?

What if all you'd be interested would be to become friends ?

Since she might have a boyfriend, she would probably wouldn't see clear in one's intentions and would decline any offer.


Is the chance to be wasted ? Is there a better time to take that chance ?

Coz you got only one chance...

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