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  1. I made this poem when I was 18. All I remember is that although it is very short, it is very profound. I am aware that it might not be very clear and easy to understand but it is full of details. It is also quite significative to me who knows its meaning. I also remember the intensity that I had put in this poem when I wrote it. So enjoy reading... LIFE’S MURDER Portrait of possessions Fills Paul of Protections Fading of old phases pulp up vivid pulses. crucible of his crimes Commits Perpetuity. cadence, calamity Cold Pair of Mimes Destined, done to whom ? portal; Discrepancy despair, disloyalty Pool of a selfish Doom
  2. You do not have to be mad at you because NC is a very difficult accomplishment. Plus, you are not really going back to sqare one since you have passed through some more of your life in the meantime. The problem is when you stop moving forward. I wish you will resist not to answer to the phone next time he calls. Be strong.
  3. I really enjoy meeting people. The first steps to get to know someone are the hardest though.
  4. I would suggest that you ask him on the spot. For exemple, if he says he is going to bed at 9:30 again. If you can push it a bit more than usual, it is only because you were in a good relationship. If you realise that it is not the case anymore, it is better to calm down with questions for your own good. What do you think about that ?
  5. Anyone more experienced that passed by the same phase and who could guide someone going through it ?
  6. I have none of those. In fact I do enjoy my interests. However, I said that I have none of those likes for a special reason that makes the affirmation become more right than false. Again, do not let yourself down and keep on seeking help when you need it. It is brilliant.
  7. No, no, no! you are not alone ! But of course I can understand how hard it can be to believe so just because you are a minority of the population to think like you do. Have you some contacts made on internet ? At school ? It is most unlikely to find people similar to you at work or in the street. Use tools necessary to be successful and give yourself time and you will have some results. What do you think about that ?
  8. It will not change from today to tomorrow but there is no time when you can start to put back balance into your life. I do not know if you really value having a boyfriend but although it is a good goal in life, it is not necessary to be successful. I really hope that you will find the strenght to come back. In fact, that inner strenght is within everyone.
  9. He would lick your hair! No...There is really no particular sign that you can expect. The most common one will be to look at you like the others said but every person has a very different way to express his attraction to you. So why do not you just approach that person and enjoy a casual talk ? It is fun ! Some do not like it but nobody should be shy to try so. Too few does it, do not you think ? From that small talk, however, you can notice more signs to know if he is interested. Do you know what I am talking about ? Feeding the conversation is the best sign, stress (not always), replicate tone and moves, etc...Then, you know the rest and...Voila!
  10. You can choose to take your time. If you wait by the time that you will be nearer to get at school, you will know better at what stage you are up to and if you can really get back together. My two cents.
  11. Thanks everyone. It pretty much concludes the topic as it answers me very well.
  12. Everyone ask himself/herself the question at least once in his/her life. Am I straight, bi or homo ? It is easy for me to conclude that: I`ve always been attracted to women. Recently, however, I have developped a new interogation on my orientation. I would see myself make friendly contact and live with a man and to love him without having any sexual relation with him. So, what can that possibly mean ? I am wondering in between bisexuality and being surprisingly open minded. Could you clarify me this thing, please ?
  13. I got news and it changes everything. (May delete)
  14. Who initiated a relationship with his/her teacher and sees him/her frequently enough to say that you're friends ? Well, what have you done and what degree were you at ? Do you think it is nonsense to ask a teacher to be friends (by inviting him/her to some activities) ? I never read/heard about people that did so and how it happened. Do you think that it is normal for a university student to seek teachers as friends ?
  15. I was talking to the past because I believe than I have the willpower to have lucid dreams while awake and that a while ago, I didn't. In fact, everyone has that hidden talent but it's long to develop and hard to practice.
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