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uh...is it me...or is this normal?

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alright, i went to this girls house, were good friends and decided to have sex, well we did everything else, but throughout us going through foreplay (oral, fingering, etc...) i didn't really get like as big and hard as i normally would if i were alone and like watching porn or something. She had the tv on and the lights out and thought it was maybe because i was distracted, or because it was my first time and being kinda nervous just wouldn't let me get that erected. i was just wondering if this is normal (like, has it happened to any of you guys?) or is there something wrong with me? Everything we did i thought was great, and i enjoyed it, but i just couldn't get fully erect. Also, she was really dry, and kinda tight (sry if this is explicit lol) so i think thats why i might have had difficulty actually having sex with her, so we kinda made it a to be continued lol

please help, this is kinda messing with my personal confidence and pride...lol

just trying to figure out if its just mental or w/e

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yes yes yes lol i had condoms; had we actually have sex i would havemost definantely used them, im just trying to figure out if my "problem" is something normal or what...the kind of person i am (leo if neone follow astrological signs) means that something like this like...messes with me on the inside...lol im trying to prove to myself that its something normal, but i wanna figure out the truth lol

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ok, good!


you are probably just nervous and still getting used to each other.


I must say though, I do feel a little uncomfortable giving sex advice to a 15 year old. Is she on birth control pills also? because condoms have a relatively high failure rate also. I'd just hate for you to become a teen dad.

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im not sure if shes on the pill or not, but i think im relatively responsible for doing all i can to be safe, as far as advice goes, anyone can use advice right?

any tips for first timers? haha

any responses i thank in advance for, and i might have to leave tonight but i will definatenly check back in tomorrow

thanks for the help so far guys

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well, part of the reason I asked about condoms is that they have lubrication on them, so that can help things go easier.


I'm just saying, that condoms though do break and she can get pregnant, so it may be safer to have sex if she is on birth control also.


really, being a teen dad is not what your life needs! it is just not worth it, to fool around for fun, only for her to wind up pregnant. sex is serious business!

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Yeah I had it happen to me with the first couple of girls I was with. it is all about being comfortable. The first girl my penis simply would not get hard. it was like it was broken, but it turns out it was just her and inexperience with myself.


If you want check out some portn with her or just before. give you some handy ideas too.


15 is pretty young, that is most likely your problem if anything, I lost it when i was 17 which is old i guess my todays standards, but I was read at that time. I had times I could have done it younger but I was not ready.

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