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So depressed need adivce please !!

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some of you might know my situation my ex said she lost interest in me for 2 months (but what still with me i was still hoplesly in love with that person)

but when she broke up she said she lost the spark But wanted to keep friends because she saw me more as a good friend then lover.


I still love her to bits >_

she was with her friends from work but she was constanly looking at me.

and trying to make me angry by dancing with other guys etc.

when i was around she suddenly went wild with the dancing etc

but i tried to ignore it etc but still got to me.


But in the end she left with this ugly guy from work (IM MUCH BETTER THEN HIM ) and i dindt see her anymore i so hope she didnt do anything with that ugly guy but i saw them walking to the jackets daperment maybe they did a good bye kiss or I DUNNO >

maybe just a good bye or a random guy but it hurted SO much i cant explain...


im going mad arggg.


So i decided to make it offical at its time for me to start healing.

i was thinking of hopping by her house tomorrow and get my last stuff and say i DONT want contact anymore because seeing her with all those ppl is killing me.


i would also like to say that my feelings are still very real so she can contact me if she wants about us otherwise NO...


Would this be a good idea or is it a no-no ?

or should i say something else (im gonne see her in person because text and emails are lame for that stuff)

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Seems like she was trying to make you jealous...could be because she is mad, wants you to still want her for her own selfish reasons or because she genuinely still wants you. My advice would be to not tell her that was all killing you, and to not even lay it all out before NC. I would just sit back and see what she does. Bascially, no matter how much it does, try and act like thigns don't bother you. Let her contact you - if she wants you enough to work things out she will contact you...but be aware that might take a few weeks. For now, maybe try and look at it like you've been granted a month reprieve from the relationship to do whatever you want with no repurcussions. It is always good if she sees taht other women have interest in you, just don't take that fact to the extreeme and go out of your way to make her jealous like she has been doing to you.

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Yeah i know what you mean i have no problem with woman's and meeting them.

Since im single lots of woman came up to me but it just dont feel right

it frecking feels like cheating on my heart ...


When she went and said hi to me im not al clingy to the womans all of a sudden.


i still love her and i feel crap that the guys from her work lurk over her like a pack of hungry wolves makes me want to punch the crap out of them.(i know this is the worst thing i could do but i would feel damn good and normally im 100% non violent )

But they just keep there hands to themself


But i think youre right im not gonne go by her house anymore i think it would ruin every little change of getting back with her.


Maybe she just need to realise what kind of A-holes she is meeting and hanging out with to come back to me


its just so weird she had her eyes constanly on me what does she want ...i wish i could read minds heh >_>

well back to NC T_T

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