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OMG i need some help

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Hi im Tina, and im having some boy troubles..


Alright, so i met this guy on an online game i play, and we started talking on AIM. At first i thought he was just going to be some random annoying kid. But i instantly was infatuated by him. We started talking for like 6 or 7 hours a day non stop.


I would miss him when he was offline, or away. I found myslef liking him alot. There are only a million probelms with this. First off, i am 17 he is 14. second he lives in a diffrent state. Also, he thinks of as good friends.


In the begaining he only say my pics from my myspace(im acutally an attractive girl..oratleast people say that). But later i saw some of his pics. I was instantly in love with him. I dont know why but i miss him sso much and i get jealous when he talks to other girls. and we are supposed to be best friends.


I dont know what to do considering, he probably doesnt like me back.. he is 3 yrs younger then me, and he lives in a diffrent state. Any adviceon what i should do? because i seriously cant spend a day with out talking to him. i get sick to my stomch when i dont talk to him soon enough,


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I've been in a similar situation. You're best bet is to be COMPLETELY open with him. Tell him how you feel. If he doesn't feel the same, do exactly what you would do if you had known him through school or work, etc. For example, you could try to still be friends with him (meeting him would be out of the question, and quite honestly a little scary for him).


If he does like you/feel similar, wait until you've known him for at least a year. I have met someone I met from the internet. I knew him for well over a year (nearly two, in fact) and I made the necessary precautions (met him in a public place, had my parents nearby, etc). Eventually, a few months after we met, we parted ways. I thought for sure we'd be together for a long time, but in reality, the distance was too hard. You're going to have to decide if you can really stand being without him after you meet him.


On the other side, you could meet him in real life and find out he's not your type at all. 2/3 options are against you. You're young and he's even younger - chances of any relationship are slim to none, chances of one lasting are even slimmer.


My suggestion: try to move on. You're probably in no situation to settle down with anyone, so it's best if you don't obsess over someone that you don't even know in real life. Not to mention the illegal bit..

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Well the 3 years is a bridge that is to be crossed, but a serious relationship is only possible if you open up to him, and move to another state where he is in. But since where dealing with such young ages, i would definitly ask his mom for permission before you start something with him.

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I don't think a serious relationship is possible (at least any time soon) here... That is unless you ment by "another state", the one next to yours or something.


The way I see it you got three options:

1. Like Swimbaby said, be open with him and tell him how you feel, and see what happeneds.

2. Stop playing the game or ignore him or similar.

3. Keep the relationship to just being friends.


If choosing option 1, just remember that he might be a different person in real life. You know how he looks like and how he writes you and seems nice by the words he uses, but he might also have other qualities in real life which is not shown in the game. Please remember that before even considering option 1.




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