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She said something but I dont know what to do


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Usually i would know what to do here its a given but not with this girl.

Here is what happened in the pass.


Known this girl through mutual people. Always heavy flirting involved and i feel heavy sexual tension sometimes its really weird im sure she does to too some degree. Started talking,kissed her the first night. Hung out a couple of times. In bed with her she wanted to mess around but I couldnt due to the alcohol . She took it the wrong way i think but did say maybe we should get to know each other better. Which was what i was thinking considering i just got out of a ltr and know how things go when things get going too fast. Eventually i tried to take her home 2 weeks later, after she initiated hanging out and we were flirting heavy all night. but of course she got her revenge and didnt come with me . Basically i let her know that wasnt cool. not in a harsh way but i let her know cause it was obvious and asked her if she was upset about the other night. at first she was like yes then said no.


We basically stopped talking after that (no returned text messages) for like 3 weeks or so. Heard she thought i was a jerk. Out of the blue she invites me to her graduation party. I end up going and talking to her for a tiny bit. she flirts but then again shes a flirt. At the end of the night we hug she says call me. I call her the next weekened. she answers. in my mind the way she was talking i thought we were going to meet up.

I get downtown later on and text her

Me: Im at xxxx

Her: Im at xxxx then going to xxxx

Me: You can come meet me here its like 1 block away

Her: I just left to xxxx

Me: Well if you wanna meet up lemme know

Her: Ok ill call you later (yea right)


since then i saw her out once I did not go up to her cause i felt no need.

about 3 weeks have passed. I decided to text her on sunday night while i was driving


Me: Hey how you dooin?

Her: Good how are you

Me: Freakin awesome just driving

No reply for like 1-2 minutes

Me: Just wanted to say whats up. call me sometime. later dude

Her: We should hang out this weekened

Me: K call me or ill call you

Her: ok


Maybe im looking to into this but first of all I wouldnt answer someone i didnt want or need anything from. and second i for sure would not bust out we should hang out this weekened if i really didnt have a desire to do anything with them. But then again maybe some people like to have someone call them and ask them to hang out to feel better about themselves. so im not quite sure where she stands


I actually got 3 questions. 1. We go back forth way too much how do i open up the lines of communication. 2. Should I call her or wait for her to call me?. 3. If i call her is it alright to say hey we should do something tonight, do you still wanna hang out? This is the last time im attempting anything with her. shes the type that doesnt want to get hurt and is somewhat protective of herself of getting hurt.

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Hey there,


"1. We go back forth way too much how do i open up the lines of communication."


Ask her out on a PROPER date, with no booze and so forth. Going to parties and hanging out is not a proper date. Call her up, with a DEFINATIVE plan on when, where and what time you want to take her.

"2. Should I call her or wait for her to call me?."


No, call her. And none of this texting mumbo jumbo, it is a pain, emotionless, and impersonal. Call her and ask her out properly. Take charge. Many women take to a man with a PLAN and whom takes charge in situations such as this.


"3. If i call her is it alright to say hey we should do something tonight, do you still wanna hang out?"


Yes, yes, yes. Again, none of this "wanna hang out sometime, call me..." stuff. Have a plan dude. Ask her out ASAP. You are losing her interest more and more the longer you wait.


Take care and good luck.

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