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Hey ya'll hope everyone's ok. Just another venting post here 'cos im not having a very good week in relation to my ex.


I know that i shouldust forget him and move on but it's hard 'cos we are friends because our parents are friends.


I was over at his on Sunday (big mistake, I know) and yeah he tried it on. The thing is, he got inside my head so I did end up in bed with him. We didn't have sex fully. He entered me but I haven't had sex for ages and it hurt. So he stopped. But then i felt used. He said I shouldn't feel used 'cos he didn't make me do anything that I didn't want to and didn't force me to have sex with him after I said no. I guess that's true.


But this week he's being weird with me. He normally texts me loads everyday just being all friendly and talkative and I have hardly heard from him this week and when I do hear from him he was all snappy (he said he was stressed 'cos we get our exam results soon) and just does stupid 1 word replies like he doesn't wanna speak to me. But if I ever do 1 word replies to him he kicks off saying i'm annoyed at him when i'm not.


Also, he normally phones me after work and he's just not bothering anymore. When I do hear from him he's abrupt like he doesn't wanna talk to me so I end up feeling bad and leaving him to whatever he's doing.


WHY do I let him get to me like this? We are friends, we will be for a long time but he keeps getting inside my head and me up.


He's like the sweetest guy ever when he's in a good mood but this week he's just being distant and snappy and it's getting me down when it shouldn't.



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LEAVE HIM BEHIND!!! Give yourself more worth than that. Do you respect and really honor yourself? He doesn't on either count. You are finding all sorts of excuses to stay around him. Who cares that your parents and his parents are friends! You dont have to still be friends.


Come on sister treat yourself with a little love and respect. MOVE ON FROM THIS!!!

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