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I need some advise please help

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i have this friend who works 12 hr a day everyday plus trying to keep her apartment clean and her animals taken care of and she has no time to hang out but she toled me that i could all ways email her no matter what i need help on and she would talk to me when she got a Chance well i was talking to her and i asked her "what would u do if i die? just wondering" well she got mad at me for asking her that because she thinks i have this perfect life because i have my sister and my gf that is my whole world and she just has roommates and friends she is all ways telling me that i have it better then anyone else and why would i want to end a profited life she just thinks this because i don't vent to her i really don't tell her anything about my life i just sit here and have her vent to me she really thinks everything is about her i need some help on what to tell her because my life is not perfected my gf lives in Washington for goodness sects. but then she rounds around and says that I'm just trying to get some attention by asking her that. right before i got offline i toled her that i was sick of the fighting. if u have any advise on what i can do please let me know.

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I was on the other side , i worked over and then my friend yelled at me, we argued and fighted as a result the 10 year friendship ended.


If you don't have time for eachother then you might as well consider yourself separated and not friends at all, your friend works a LOT , 12 hours, when i did that also and when i came back home and that friend start yelling at me and arguing i can assure you i did NOT appreciate it.


Of course if you don't get attention you start complaining it to the person who you feel is to be blamed for that lack of attention, however its NOT the right thing to do.


Remember always to bring light and love into the lives of the people that you know. Are you friends so you two can make eachothers lives miserable? Of course not!! Honestly all the arguments act as poison to the relationship and can result in a formidable break up. Without noticing it, you two have brought a lot of darkness and hatred into eachothers lives.


What your friend needs is 'understanding' ,because she works so hard there's little free time left, and you should get your attention from other people who do have time to hang out with you. She isn't a bad person but she doesn't have the time to give you the attention that you need ok? SO give her a break, and love and help other people in your life, which is the meaning of life by the way.

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