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Hi there,


I have been dating this girl for 3 months. she is still in love with her ex bf and attached to me, sort of a love triangle. Yesterday night, I told her to sort out her feelings and give me a call when she does. She didn't call all day today but usually she does when i tell her not to call me. I feel like crap not talking to her. I guess i can say im attached to her as well. Am i going nuts or what?

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Well, like I told you the other day.....this is a situation you have to walk away from.


Why would you even want to put yourself through the pain of being with someone whom has TOLD you they are in love with their ex? Not only that, but has put him first many times by phoning/taking his calls while she is with you (how low is that?). Attached to you or not, it's unhealthy for you to be involved in.


You are not going nuts, but you have to take a stand for yourself and move on to someone whom is emotionally available.

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I just saw the post above. So I will edit this accordingly.


If she has placed her ex before you and still hasnt sorted out those issues. I would suggest walking away. There is no space in her mind and heart for you right now. You are probably a buffer for her so that she doesnt have to deal with her own break up.


I know its a cliche but "if its meant to be it will be." You can't force it.

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I have to agree with RayKay. Walk away. I dealt with this kind of situation firsthand and can tell you that, if you hang around, you are in for a world of hurt. She will try again with her ex, and do it again, again, and again. Until she walks away from him and has proper time and space to heal from it, you will always be her second choice. Not because he is any better, but because she has to get him out of her system before she can even consider giving you a real chance.

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