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Im so frustrated i dont kow what she wants.

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The situation is im 19 years old i have been in a relationship with my ex for 2 years she has a son who is 2 who i have taken on i really found out a lot of info today.


She is 18 and hasnt really been out of a relationship. i know she is texting other men and is meeting them there are 2 of them at the mo. one of them is just friendly and light flirting and the other one i dont really know she got his number whilst driving around.


she told her friend today that she is thinking off getting back with me and how i was a good thing etc but tonight she has lied to me again and said she is going to her mates but she isnt i will find out later on.


I know all this because her friend tells me as she has known me longer than my ex. I cant work out whats going to happen she tells her friend she wants to get back with me on 2 occasions. she told her mate she wants to get back together like when we first met you know the texting of each other and flirting. and she also said she wanted me to ask her not the other way round. But im not supposed to know this.


I dont know what to do please give me some advice


Thanks guys



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If You Suspect Something Is Amiss...it Might Be... Keep Your Head On Right And Watch Your Heart...its Hard When You All Have Mutual Friends And Everyone Talks To Each Other... If She Really Likes You Find Out On Your Own... If You Think She Has Other Men In Her Life Be Wary And Protect Your Self... There Are Plenty Of Nice Ladies Out There That Do Not Play Games...

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