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Should I talk to my friend?

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Your friendship may mean a whole lot to him, but you cannot give him what she can, and that's not even considering sex.


If you want to raise it to his attention, make fun of him. That's often the midlest way of correcting someone. Ask him, when you see him, about the gravtitational pull of the balck hole, the relationship black hole into which he has been sucked.


THis will happen to you time and again during your life. Don't complain too much.

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Yeah, my boyfriend has friends that are exactly the same way! They'd always be down to hang out but once they are involved in a relationship, forget about it! The only time that they'll come out again is when they eventually break up. My boyfriend and his buds used to pick on him all the time, but he didn't change. Seriously though, I don't think there's much you can do here. If he's a good friend he should try to make the effort to spend more time with you. The decision is really up to him, and if he's not willing to change, there's really nothing you can do.

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