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Help, I think my friends mad at me...

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I agree with avman. If this is the same guy, I think you are smothering him. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be returning the same feelings you have towards him. It sounds like this is becoming an unhealthy obsession. Why have you put all your attention and focus on this one man?

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after he told me to not contact him he replied to to an email with answers to some questions I asked. so for that alone should i just have a piece of mind that he doesnt hate me ?

I didn't reply back to the email after he answer a couple questions, I don't think I will til maybe one day he actually contacts me again. Don't worry, I'll give him pently of space.

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Normally, I would agree with you RW, but she's been posting about this guy for about 18 months now. I really do think it's getting out of control. It really seems like this has gone beyond a little crush now. It's time to let go. I suggest therapy because it does seem like this ....well... obsession has been going on for too long.

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