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What are the signs that he is turned off ?

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Are there specific ways that a guy will act towards a girl he is turned off by who comes over to talk to him? Howto tell the difference between a guy who is uncomfortable around a girl because he is shy but really likes her alot and a guy who is totally not into her and is uncomfortable with her approaching him?

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Its like this, you don't look at the words, you'll look at the body, if the body moves towards you it wants to be with you, if the body moves away from you it doesn't want to be with you. Simply said, do you like to be close to people who you dislike? Nope, so you'll move away, same counts for people who you like. For shy people however its easy to see, because they will move away from anyone , so if you see some guy who will intereact with certain girls but avoiding some others, that person isn't shy but simply in dislikement of those people.

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