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teenage insecurity, spill my heart


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She gave me her heart

Through workbook paper

I owe her my better half

For ripping it apart

I'm sorry, Lisa


I drank this caffeine

Of it like mother's milk

I smashed her glass palm

This kid, to her sleeve

I didn't need open arms


I promised the world

She gave me her smile

I lied, and she lied

She tried, I cried

Was ten years too early?

I'm sure I cried, Marie


Misunderstood a father

Pray for reconfiguration

And I ask, I say

Daddy, a bandaid,

Self injury or imagination?


I wrote these words

And I waited for return

Young enough then

And I'm young enough now

To say sorry

Lisa to Marie,

And Elizabeth to Carrie

Tears don't fall in vein


Eyes to the ground

This hair of no eyesight

Can I hide the truth now?

Of all this insecurity

I'm feeling summers heat

Oh, take a seat

This table, a heart will spill


Childhood memories

Mother, you can hold my hand

We'll build castles in the sand

Marie, smile a smile

For another day, Lisa

Let us share our better halves


Every wound I scored

And every burn you caused

Sorry if you'll be sorry

I'll cry for your inspiration

I'll cry in patience

Say my name, I'm sorry


A kiss to a cheek

Spare me tears for a week?

Say my name

I'm sorry if you're sorry

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